Top Ten: ChemEd DL's Best

Explore chemistry with ChemEd DL and find a wealth of instructional materials. Here are the ones we think you will find most interesting. Visit our Resources, Collections, Communities, and Online Services pages to find many other items for teachers and students.

Periodic Table Live!
Learn about the history, uses, properties, structures, and reactions of the elements from this interactive periodic table. View images of the elements, models of their crystal structures, videos of their reactions. Graph numeric data and sort properties in a table. Periodic Table Live! is a proud winner of the MERLOT Classics Award, 2010, for the best chemistry software.
Models 360
Investigate a collection of 3-D, interactive models of organic and inorganic compounds, including extended-structure solids. Manipulate the models with your mouse to examine structure and bonding and demonstrate molecular geometries vibrations, symmetry, and orbitals.
ChemTeacher: HS Resources
ChemTeacher is especially useful to secondary school teachers and students. Resources range in level from introductory to Advanced Placement. Find reliable, quality videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets, and activities, all searchable by topic and by science standards. The Periodic Table Resource Pack, for example, includes everything teachers and students need to investigate and learn about the periodic table.
Stereochemistry Tutorial
Master the concepts of organic stereochemistry with this interactive tutorial. It includes definitions, different three-dimensional representations, assigning priorities to stereocenters, and determining the stereochemical relationship between molecules. Each section is followed by a question set that tests knowledge and understanding.
ChemEd Moodle Courses
ChemEd Courses, based on the Moodle course management system, contains courses that teach how to use ChemEd DL resources, encourage communication among teachers, enroll and teach students online, and enable teachers to create their own courses. ChemEd Courses is the basis for ChemEd DL workshops.
The Virtual Laboratory
In the Virtual Laboratory students can design and perform many aqueous chemistry experiments safely and quickly. Use activities, laboratories, tutorials, and tests provided by the ChemCollective—or create your own!
JCE Web Software
JCE Web Software allows your students to be familiar with typical laboratory techniques before they come to lab, see videos of chemical demonstrations you do in class, interact with tutorials on many chemistry topics and so much more. JCE Web Software is all of your favorite JCE software programs delivered via the web including the Chemistry Comes Alive! collection, Lake Study, ChemPages Laboratories, and General Chemistry Multimedia Problems just to name a few. This is a fee-based resource.
VIPEr: Inorganic Resources
VIPEr (Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource) is the place for inorganic chemists on the Web. Find teaching resources in many areas, such as coordination chemistry or solid-state chemistry, or share with other in forums on research or teaching.
Murder Mystery: Solve A Virtual Crime
Using their skills of observation and knowledge of basic chemistry concepts, students solve the mystery of a grad student's unexpected death in the lab. Students can interview suspects, investigate the crime scene for clues, and analyze the evidence from the crime lab.
ACS: Science for Kids
The American Chemical Society's (ACS) Science for Kids web site contains resources for 4th-6th grade students. Find activities, games, puzzles and articles that cover a variety of chemistry topics to share with students

If you have any recommendations for future top ten offerings please contact us.