Professor Sam Gellman - Designing Beta Peptides

Professor Sam Gellman and his research group of graduate and undergraduate students are interested in designing beta peptides that have specific shapes associated with the molecule. The shape of a molecule has much to do with its interaction with other molecules. Small molecules of the correct shape have the potential to be used as drugs that have abilities ranging from fighting cancer to slowing or preventing HIV infection of healthy cells. Other members of Professor Gellman's group are working on designing molecules that come together to from assemblies with interesting properties on their own, without any help from an outside source. This process is called self assembly.

Back Row: Erik Hadley, Matt Windsor, Brendan Mowery, Seth, Horne, Josh Price, Jay Steinkruger, Justin Hoerter

Middle Row: Emily English, Pil Seok Chae, Melissa Boersma, Myung Ryul Lee, Will Pomerantz, Robin Chi, Felix Frieire-Iribarne, Li Guo, Jonathan Zhang, Brooke Richrdson, Nicky Stephenson, Kim Peterson, Professor Sam Gellman

Front Row: Emily Blamer, Holly Haase, Soo Hyuk Choi, Mike Giuliano

Grades 5-8

Grades 9-12

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