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This Web site's purpose is to introduce current research in the areas of science and engineering into middle school and high school classrooms. More detailed goals are stated below. We hope this Web site provides an interactive, fun way to learn science as well as an easy way for teachers to enhance their classroom presentations. We present the work of different research groups as characterized by the scientific discipline they work in. We welcome new submissions from any research group in industry or academia (click on the contribute your own research tutorial to TSTS link). Take a look!

Throughout the website, some words will appear italicized and in green. If you don't know the meaning of a word, and it is green and italicized, hold your mouse over the word and a yellow box will appear with the definition of the word. These words can be found throughout the website!

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Goals of Research Tutorials

Make young people more aware of cutting edge research in chemistry and other sciences.

Illustrate why researchers receive funding and how their findings impact people.

Show that research is done by real people working together in a group environment.

Provide an interactive way for students to learn modern science that meets the National Science Education Standards and is easy for teachers to introduce in the classroom.

McMahon (Organic Chemistry/Astrochemistry)

Stahl (Inorganic Chemistry/Catalysis)

Gellman (Biochemistry/Peptide Design)


Social Implications