Resources: Tools for Learning Chemistry

ChemEd DL resources support teaching and learning chemistry. Sample from our broad range of tested learning materials.

ChemEd Courses (Moodle)
The ChemEd DL provides a Moodle server as a service to the chemical education community. Teachers can find courses to use in their classroom, contribute their chemistry Moodle courses and resources, or develop new chemistry materials to share with others.
Chemistry Comes Alive!
an award-winning collection of high-quality QuickTime video clips and still images that bring chemistry to life with depictions of chemical reactions and techniques. CCA! video and imagery is readily incorprated into other presentation formats such as Web pages and presentations.
ChemPRIME (Chemical Principles through Integrated Multiple Exemplars) is designed so that chemistry concepts can be presented in an order that reflects the conceptual structure of the discipline and students are able to learn chemistry within a broad range of contexts that relate chemistry to other disciplines and everyday life. ChemPRIME is a collaborative project in which concepts and contexts can be contributed by anyone to a wiki and used free of charge by anyone for non-commercial purposes.
This glossary of chemical terms provides an easy way to find definitions chemists would apply to many scientific terms. The glossary is constantly being updated, so if you would like to add a term or definition, please contact us.
Mahjong Chemistry
Now there’s a new (and educational) version of the highly addictive, Chinese tile-matching game Mahjong – thanks to the Stetson University Chemistry Department!
Models 360
3D, interactive models of molecules and solids presented using Jmol.
Periodic Table Live!
a periodic table with access to data and descriptions of the elements. It uses images and video from the Chemistry Comes Alive! collection to bring the periodic table alive with high-quality depictions of reactions of the elements, along with the JMol chemical structure viewer which provides an interactive, 3D display of the the crystal structures of the elements.
Stereochemistry Tutorial
a tutorial discussing stereochemistry definitions, as well as methods for assigning priorities, stereochemical configurations, and stereochemical relationships between molecules. Students have the ability to choose their preferred method of visualization for making molecular comparisons, having all of their content tailored to their chosen visualization method.
Textbook-Integrated Guide to Educational Resources (TIGER)
The Textbook-Integrated Guide to Educational Resources (TIGER) is ChemEd DL's new way to find useful online resources. Find your textbook in the list and click on the title. This will take you to a table of contents where you can choose the chapter and section that you are currently studying. A list of resources from ChemEd DL will appear.
Today's Science for Tomorrow's Scientists
lessons linking the science done by specific research groups with middle and high school curricula.

In addition, the ChemEd DL provides many opportunities to connect with a variety of communities interested in the promotion of the life-long learning and teaching of chemistry.

If you have any recommendations for future collection offerings please contact us.