Collections: Explore and Learn Chemistry

Collections provide one way to explore the ChemEd DL learning resources: they are grouped by area of chemistry or type of content. Some collections are entirely free; others require fees (fee-based). Our collections include:

Biographies of Chemists
brief biographies of chemists who discovered elements or were somehow involved in discovering elements.
a collection of data useful for teachers and students of chemistry.
Data-Driven Exercises
activities in which students are presented with real-world data, and guided to analyze the data according to a quantitative model.
Featured Molecules
molecular models that can be manipulated in three dimensions and are linked to JCE articles (JCE articles are fee-based).
Learning Communities Online
materials suitable for initiating online communities of students and teachers (fee-based).
Living Textbooks
online textbooks, currently in physical and general chemistry.
test, homework, ConcepTest, and conceptual questions in chemistry; many questions are ready to use in course management systems such as Moodle or Desire2Learn (partially fee-based).
lessons that use symbolic mathematics engines, such as Mathcad, to relieve computational burdens and encourage conceptual understanding of chemistry (partially fee-based).
useful Web-based simulations, animations, and other interactive materials that can be used by students, teachers, or both (fee-based).
Biographical Snapshots
information about women and minority chemists who have made important contributions to science.
Models 360
a collection of 3D, interactive molecular models of simple molecules presented using Jmol.
JCE Online
serves as a means of distributing digital materials that supplement the articles in the printed Journal of Chemical Education. It also provides a medium for the publication of materials that cannot be presented well or at all in print (partially fee-based).
Chemistry Comes Alive!
an award-winning collection of high-quality QuickTime video clips and still images that bring chemistry to life with depictions of chemical reactions and techniques. CCA! video and imagery is readily incorprated into other presentation formats such as Web pages and presentations.

If you have any recommendations for future collection offerings please contact us.