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Reactions of Sulfurous Acid  
These demonstrations illustrate the production and effects of sulfur dioxide, a pollutant generated by the burning of sulfur impurities in coal. The sulfurous acid produced by dissolving sulfur dioxide in water is allowed to react with various forms of calcium carbonate found in nature, namely marble, limestone, chalk, and eggshell.
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Reactions and explosions involving sulfur are demonstrated.
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Aqueous Reactions: Sulfuric Acid  
Reactions of solutions with aqueous Sulfuric Acid.
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Plastic Sulfur  
Yellow powdered sulfur is heated until it becomes molten and brown. At first it flows freely, but then it becomes very viscous. Upon further heating, the viscous sulfur flows freely again and ignites. The burning liquid sulfur is poured into a beaker of water. When removed from the water, the sulfur is rubbery and flexible.
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Acid Base Reactions of Sulfur Dioxide  
Acid base reactions involving sulfur dioxide are shown.
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