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A collection of activities that explore basic concepts dealing with crystals and their structure. They are written for the 4-6th grade level.
Crystals / Crystallography
Ice Crystals Extraordinaire - Snowflakes  
Snowflakes are examples of crystal formation. As water freezes in snowflakes it creates intricate symmetrical patterns. In this activity students create paper snowflake models with similar symmetrical patterns. Students also use recrystalized salt to decorate the surface of their snowflakes.
Crystals / Crystallography
Recrystallizing Crystals  
In this hands-on activity, which is part of the ACS-Science for Kids collection, students explore some of the properties of crystals. Students create saturated solutions of solids and watch them recrystallize as they dry.
Crystals / Crystallography
Make a Balloon Ec-Static  
In this activity, students create static electricity by rubbing a balloon on their hair or clothing. When you rub a balloon on hair, shirt, or sweater, the balloon will attract things toward it. The rubbing scrubs electrons off and they collect on the surface of the balloon. ,
Atomic Properties / Structure
Static Strength Tester  
In this activity, students make a static strength tester by suspending a Styrofoam ball from a string. When the ball is brought near static-charged balloon, it is repelled. How much it is repelled is a function of the static charge strength.
Atomic Properties / Structure
The Great Electron Rip-Off  
In this activity, students explore static electricity using transparent tape. When two pieces of tape are placed on a table top and then ripped up, they repel each other when brought close. This is because they lost electrons when they were pulled from the table. Since they have the same charge, they repel each other.
Atomic Properties / Structure