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Light and Electrons  
Some wave-like and particle-like properties of light and some wave-like and particle-like properties of electrons are shown.
Quantum Chemistry
Scattering and Absorption of Light  
The effects of passing light through a colloidal suspension of milk in water and through a solution of copper sulfate are shown.
Colloids |
Physical Properties |
Light as a Particle: Photoelectric Effect  
The discovery of the temperature dependence of the spectrum of an incandescent light source and the discovery of the photoelectric effect led to the characterization of the particle-like properties of light. Here we demonstrate these two phenomena.
Quantum Chemistry
Light as a Wave: Reflection, Diffraction, Polarization, and Absorption  
The following demonstrations illustrate diffraction, scattering, and absorption of light.
Quantum Chemistry |
Physical Properties
Polarized Light and Organic Molecules  
Polarizing filters and the rotation of polarized light by chiral compounds are demonstrated and a polarimeter is shown. Several everyday objects are examined between polarizing filters.
Chirality / Optical Activity
Ozone: Absorbance of UV Light  
Ozone is produced. Exposure to a shortwave ultraviolet source causes the ozone to cast a shadow against a fluorescent yellow background.
Atmospheric Chemistry |
Luminol and light sticks are demonstrated.
Thermodynamics |
Applications of Chemistry |
Consumer Chemistry
Polarized Light and Organic Molecules: Everyday Objects  
The liquid crystal display of a calculator and several plastic objects are examined between polarizing filters.
Chirality / Optical Activity
Piezoelectric Effect  
Sounds accompany the discharges of electricity. A piezoelectric crystal is connected to a light bulb. When the crystal is pressed, the light flashes.
Crystals / Crystallography |
Molecular Properties / Structure |
Solid State Chemistry |
Bromination of Hydrocarbons  
The light initiated bromination of pentane, hexane isomers, alkyl benzenes and a comparison of bromination of pentane and pentene are demonstrated.
Alkanes / Cycloalkanes |
A series of chiral and achiral objects, the interaction of polarized light with organic molecules, the assignment of R- and S- configuration, Fisher projections, and a stereospecific reaction are demonstrated.
Chirality / Optical Activity |
Amines and Aniline  
pH of aqueous ammonia, cyclohexylamine, and aniline, iodination of aniline, oxidation of aniline with benzoyl peroxide, the nitrous acid test, diazo coupling, reaction of luminol and light sticks are demonstrated.
Amines / Ammonium Compounds
Hydrogen + Chlorine Cannon  
When a corked test tube containing a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine is struck by light from a burning magnesium ribbon, the resulting explosion propels the cork out of the test tube.
Gases |
Photochemistry |