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Density - Float or Sink  
A collection of activities that explore basic concepts dealing with density. They are written for the 4-6th grade level.
Physical Properties
Milli?s Super Sorting Challenge  
In this open-ended activity, students are given the challenge of separating a number of materials, based on their physical properties. This is much like the challenge in sorting garbage for recycling. Students use magnetism, static charge, density and other factors to separate the mix.
Physical Properties
Rooting for Sink and Float  
A slice of carrot normally sinks in water. In this investigation students attempt to change this by adding salt to the water until it is more dense than the carrot. Will the carrot float? Students use the basic concepts of density to find out.
Physical Properties
Floating Fluids  
In 'Floating Fluids' students investigate the density of various liquids. While students are likely familiar with solids floating in liquids, they may have less experience with one liquid floating on another. If two liquids are insoluble in each other, and are of different densities, one will float in a layer atop the other.
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