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Benedict's Test for Reducing Sugars  
Tests for glucose, sucrose, and fructose.
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Qualitative Analysis
Simulation of Dislocations in Metals  
An array of soap bubbles is used to simulate a close-packed arrangement of atoms in a metal crystal.
Metallic Bonding |
Metals |
A magnet placed just below a dish containing ferrofluid generates an array of spikes in the fluid.
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Magnetic Properties |
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Atomic Properties / Structure
Heat Treatment of a Metal Bobby Pin  
A bobby pin is subjected to various heat treatments.
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Physical Properties
Memory Metal  
When a piece of metal wire spelling the letters ICE is pulled apart, it deforms. When the wire is placed in hot water, it "remembers" its original shape, once again forming the letters ICE. (The memory metal used in this demonstration was provided by the Institute for Chemical Eduction.) A simulation of the processes at the atomic level is shown.
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Solid State Chemistry
Hardness of Solid Substances - Grinding  
A number of metals and nonmetals are ground with a mortar and pestle. The nonmetals shown here are all soft (due to weak intermolecular forces), but the metals vary in hardness.
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