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A Photolithography Laboratory Experiment for General Chemistry Students   Adora M. Christenson, Gregory W. Corder, Thomas C. DeVore, and Brian H. Augustine
A photolithography laboratory experiment for general chemistry that introduces materials science and the production of microfabricated devices.
Christenson, Adora M.; Corder, Gregory W.; DeVore, Thomas C.; Augustine, Brian H. J. Chem. Educ. 2003, 80, 183.
Kinetics |
Materials Science |
Photochemistry |
Putting UV-Sensitive Beads to the Test  Terre Trupp
Explores the temperature behavior of UV-sensitive beads and investigates the effectiveness of sunscreens.
Trupp, Terre. J. Chem. Educ. 2001, 78, 648A.
Atomic Properties / Structure |
Kinetics |
Applications of Chemistry |
Consumer Chemistry |
Visualizing the Photochemical Steady State with UV-Sensitive Beads (re J. Chem. Educ. 2001, 77, 648A-648B)  Jerry A. Bell
Analysis of the temperature dependence of the color intensity of UV-sensitive beads.
Bell, Jerry A. J. Chem. Educ. 2001, 78, 1594.
Atomic Properties / Structure |
Kinetics |
Photochemistry |
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