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Reactions in Aqueous Solutions  
Various reactions in aqueous solutions are shown.
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Precipitation / Solubility
Electrolysis of Aqueous Solutions -- New  
This is a revised version of the previously published Electrolysis of Aqueous Solutions, providing corrections and additional images. In order to understand most of these videos it is important to either see the Complete Experiment: Electrolysis of an Aqueous Solution video or to be able to read a description of that video (such as the one in the Discussion section for that video).
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Oxidation / Reduction
Closeup Videos of Flames from Aqueous Solutions  
Aqueous solutions of common compounds are introduced via aerosol to flame, producing their characteristic emission colors.
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Aqueous Solution Chemistry
Electrolysis of Aqueous Solutions -- Original  

Electrolysis of several aqueous solutions is carried out using a 9-V battery and pencil leads as electrodes. Because only the electrodes are shown in the videos, it is important to show these still images


or describe how the reactions were performed if students are to make sense of the videos. In each case the anode is on the left and a 9-V battery has been connected to the lead of each of the pencils near the eraser end with an alligator clip.

A newer version of most of these reactions using platinum electrodes is available as Electrolysis of Aqueous Solutions -- New.

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Oxidation-Reduction Aqueous Solutions  
Oxidation-reduction reactions carried out in aqueous solution.
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