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Exploding Soap Bubbles: Hydrogen + Oxygen  
A series of three videos shows that as the ratio of oxygen to hydrogen in soap bubbles increases, the explosions that occur when the bubbles are ignited get louder. (The fact that with an excess of oxygen the explosions would become softer again is not shown.) Each video is repeated with no voice-over so that only the sounds of the explosions are heard. Five still images are provided to show the stoichiometry on the molecular scale. The videos are intended to be shown in order beginning with Hydrogen Alone and ending with hydrogen plus more oxygen.
Reactions |
Oxidation / Reduction
Reaction, Microscale: Tin with Gold(III) Chloride  
A piece of metallic tin is carefully combined with a solution of gold(III) chloride under a microscope.
Oxidation / Reduction |
Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions  
Demonstrations exploring oxidation/reduction chemistry.
Aqueous Solution Chemistry |
Electrochemistry |
Oxidation / Reduction |
Water / Water Chemistry |
Acids / Bases |
pH |
Conductivity |
Reactions |
Applications of Chemistry |
Descriptive Chemistry |
Electrolytic / Galvanic Cells / Potentials |
Laboratory Equipment / Apparatus
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Assessment Questions: First 3 results
Bonding : DetermineStructure (8 Variations)
H A substance is analyzed and found to contain 57.10% carbon, 4.80% hydrogen and 38.06% oxygen by weight. Its molecular weight is determined to be 126.11 g/mol. Which of the structures shown are possible structures for the substance?
Molecular Properties / Structure |
Atoms,_Molecules_and_Ions : CalcMolarMass (8 Variations)
What is the molar mass of potassium phosphate, K3PO4?

Enter the numeric value very carefully below, rounding to one decimal place only. Do not put the units in, but think about what the units are!

Molecular Properties / Structure |
Solutions : GramsToMolalSoln (20 Variations)
How many grams of citric acid need to be added to 750 ml of ethanol to make a 0.50 m solution?

Density (g/ml)

Molecular Weight (g/mol)

Citric acid






Solutions / Solvents |
Nomenclature / Units / Symbols |
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Molecular Structures: First 3 results
Acetic Acid CH3COOH

3D Structure

Link to PubChem

Acids / Bases |
Carboxylic Acids

Aluminum Chloride AlCl3

3D Structure

Link to PubChem

VSEPR Theory |
Lewis Acids / Bases

Aluminum Fluoride AlF3

3D Structure

Link to PubChem

VSEPR Theory |
Molecular Properties / Structure

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Journal Articles: First 3 results.
A-DNA and B-DNA: Comparing Their Historical X-ray Fiber Diffraction Images  Amand A. Lucas
This paper provides a comparative explanation of the structural content of the diffraction diagrams of A-DNA and B-DNA that facilitated the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA by Watson and Crick in 1953. This analysis is supported a method that simulates both A-DNA and B-DNA X-ray images optically.
Lucas, Amand A. J. Chem. Educ. 2008, 85, 737.
Biophysical Chemistry |
Conformational Analysis |
Crystals / Crystallography |
X-ray Crystallography |
Nucleic Acids / DNA / RNA
Diamagnetic Corrections and Pascal's Constants  Gordon A. Bain and John F. Berry
This article presents an explanation for the origin of diamagnetic correction factors, comprehensive tables of diamagnetic constants and their application to calculate diamagnetic susceptibility, and a simple method for estimating the correct order of magnitude for the diamagnetic correction for any given compound.
Bain, Gordon A.; Berry, John F. J. Chem. Educ. 2008, 85, 532.
Laboratory Computing / Interfacing |
Magnetic Properties |
Molecular Properties / Structure |
Physical Properties |
Transition Elements
Thermal Analysis of Plastics  Teresa D'Amico, Craig J. Donahue, and Elizabeth A. Rais
Students interpret previously recorded scans generated by differential scanning calorimetry and thermal gravimetric analysis to investigate a polypropylene dog bone, a polyethylene terephthalate pop bottle, the plastics in automobile head- and taillights, fishing line and a tea bag, and the rubber tread of an automobile tire.
D'Amico, Teresa; Donahue, Craig J.; Rais, Elizabeth A. J. Chem. Educ. 2008, 85, 404.
Materials Science |
Polymerization |
Thermal Analysis
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Other Resources: First 3 results
Chemistry in Context, 6th Ed.  Lucy Pryde Eubanks, Catherine H. Middlecamp, Carl E. Heltzel, Steven W. Keller
Finds ChemEd DL resources related to the sections of the General Chemistry textbook, Chemistry in Context, 6th Ed., by Lucy Pryde Eubanks, Catherine H. Middlecamp, Carl E. Heltzel, Steven W. Keller published by McGraw-Hill, 2009.
General Chemistry, 9th Edition  Darrell D. Ebbing, Steven D. Gammon
Finds ChemEd DL resources related to the sections of the General Chemistry textbook, General Chemistry, 9th Edition, by Darrell D. Ebbing, Steven D. Gammon published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 2007.
Issues and Physical Science  SEPUP
Finds ChemEd DL resources related to the sections of the Physical Science textbook, Issues and Physical Science, by SEPUP published by LAB-AIDS, Inc., 2007.
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