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Safety Match Chemistry: Red Phosphorus and Potassium Chlorate  
The chemical reaction that underlies common safety matches is demonstrated.
Applications of Chemistry |
Consumer Chemistry
Combustion of White Phosphorus  
Phosphorus combines with oxygen in a highly exothermic reaction.
Descriptive Chemistry |
Oxidation / Reduction |
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White Phosphorus P4

3D Structure

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Solids |
Covalent Bonding |
Main-Group Elements

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Yellow Phosphorus  Jay A. Young
The hazards of yellow phosphorus are described.
Young, Jay A. J. Chem. Educ. 2004, 81, 946.
Laboratory Equipment / Apparatus
Red Phosphorus  Jay A. Young
The hazards of red phosphorus are described.
Young, Jay A. J. Chem. Educ. 2004, 81, 945.
Laboratory Equipment / Apparatus
Combustion of White Phosphorus  Richard L. Keiter and Chaminda P. Gamage
The combustion of white phosphorus.
Keiter, Richard L.; Gamage, Chaminda P. J. Chem. Educ. 2001, 78, 908.
Descriptive Chemistry |
Photochemistry |
Main-Group Elements |
Oxidation / Reduction
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Phosphorus and Its Relatives  
Volume 04, issue 10 of a series of leaflets covering subjects of interest to students of elementary chemistry distributed in 1929 - 1932.
Descriptive Chemistry
Group VA  Ed Vitz, John W. Moore
A section of ChemPrime, the Chemical Educations Digital Library's free General Chemistry textbook.
Descriptive Chemistry |
Periodicity / Periodic Table