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Scattering and Absorption of Light  
The effects of passing light through a colloidal suspension of milk in water and through a solution of copper sulfate are shown.
Colloids |
Physical Properties |
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What type of colloid is pigmented plastic?
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Using Two-Dimensional Colloidal Crystals To Understand Crystallography   Stephanie A. Bosse and Nikolaus M. Loening
Describes a simple experiment that uses micrometer-sized latex spheres to form two-dimensional colloidal crystals. Diffraction patterns formed by passing a laser beam through these crystals reveal their symmetry and allow the determination of the size of the particles that make up the crystal.
Bosse, Stephanie A.; Loening, Nikolaus M. J. Chem. Educ. 2008, 85, 93.
Colloids |
Crystals / Crystallography |
Lasers |
X-ray Crystallography
Preparation of CdS Nanoparticles by First-Year Undergraduates  Kurt Winkelmann, Thomas Noviello, and Steven Brooks
First-year undergraduate students prepare bulk and nanometer-sized cadmium sulfide clusters within water-in-oil micelles and calculate particle size using the effective mass model.
Winkelmann, Kurt; Noviello, Thomas; Brooks, Steven. J. Chem. Educ. 2007, 84, 709.
Colloids |
Materials Science |
Nanotechnology |
Micelles |
Semiconductors |
UV-Vis Spectroscopy
Hydrophilic Inorganic Macro-Ions in Solution: Unprecedented Self-Assembly Emerging from Historical "Blue Waters"  Tianbo Liu, Ekkehard Diemann, and Achim Müller
The behavior of supramolecular structures in solution is different from that of simple ions, polymers, surfactant micelles, and colloids. New research involving polyoxometalates, which are fully hydrophilic but tend to self-associate into macro-ionic structures, may change our understanding of inorganic ionic solutions.
Liu, Tianbo; Diemann, Ekkehard; Müller, Achim. J. Chem. Educ. 2007, 84, 526.
Aqueous Solution Chemistry |
Colloids |
Materials Science |
Nanotechnology |
Solutions / Solvents |
Spectroscopy |
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Physical Properties
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Colloids  Ed Vitz, John W. Moore
A section of ChemPrime, the Chemical Educations Digital Library's free General Chemistry textbook.
Volume 04, issue 33 of a series of leaflets covering subjects of interest to students of elementary chemistry distributed in 1929 - 1932.
Colloid Chemistry  
Volume 05, issue 19 of a series of leaflets covering subjects of interest to students of elementary chemistry distributed in 1929 - 1932.