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Formaldehyde Copolymers  
Formaldehyde Copolymers
Electrophilic Substitution |
Phenols |
Aromatic Compounds  
A molecular model of benzene, the reactions of bromine with cylohexane, cyclohexene, benzene, phenol, and toluene, the effect of substituents and number of methyl groups on the electron density of aromatic rings, and chlorination reactions of methyl benzenes are demonstrated.
Aromatic Compounds
Phenols and Quinones  
Ferric chloride test for phenols, nitration of acetaminophen, extraction of dichloroindophenol, oxidation of phenols with sodium periodate, nucleophilic addition to quinones, "purple benzene", oxidation of 2,6-Dit-butlhydoquinone, decolorization of crystal violet, and chameleon emulsion are demonstrated.
Alcohols |
Aromatic Compounds |
TNT Detonation  
TNT is stable in the presence of shock, but can be detonated by adding a chemical priming agent.
Oxidation / Reduction |
Thermodynamics |
Aromatic Compounds |