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Acid-Catalyzed Enolization of β-Tetralone  Brahmadeo Dewprashad, Anthony Nesturi, and Joel Urena
This experiment allows students to use 1H NMR to compare the rates of substitution of benzylic and non-benzylic a hydrogens of -tetralone and correlate their findings with predictions made by resonance theory.
Dewprashad, Brahmadeo; Nesturi, Anthony; Urena, Joel. J. Chem. Educ. 2008, 85, 829.
Aldehydes / Ketones |
Isotopes |
Mechanisms of Reactions |
NMR Spectroscopy |
Reactive Intermediates |
Resonance Theory |
A Laboratory Assignment in 1H NMR Spectroscopy: A Comparative Analysis of Calculated and Experimental 1H NMR Chemical Shifts  Susan D. Van Arnum
A computer program is used to determine the proton NMR chemical shifts of endo- and exo-norbornenyl ketones and these values are compared to empirical results.
Van Arnum, Susan D. J. Chem. Educ. 2006, 83, 429.
Constitutional Isomers |
NMR Spectroscopy |
The Virtual ChemLab Project: A Realistic and Sophisticated Simulation of Organic Synthesis and Organic Qualitative Analysis  Brian F. Woodfield, Merritt B. Andrus, Gregory L. Waddoups, Melissa S. Moore, Richard Swan, Rob Allen, Greg Bodily, Tricia Andersen, Jordan Miller, Bryon Simmons, and Richard Stanger
Describes a set of sophisticated and realistic laboratory simulations for use in freshman- and sophomore-level chemistry classes and laboratories called Virtual ChemLab. The purpose of these simulations is to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom, provide an environment for creative learning, and emphasize the thinking behind instructional laboratory experiments.
Woodfield, Brian F.; Andrus, Merritt B.; Waddoups, Gregory L.; Moore, Melissa S.; Swan, Richard; Allen, Rob; Bodily, Greg; Andersen, Tricia; Miller, Jordan; Simmons, Bryon; Stanger, Richard. J. Chem. Educ. 2005, 82, 1728.
IR Spectroscopy |
NMR Spectroscopy |
Qualitative Analysis |
Synthesis |
Reactions |
Thin Layer Chromatography
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Mechanisms That Interchange Axial and Equatorial Atoms in Fluxional Processes  Marion E. Cass, Henry S. Rzepa, King Kuok Hii
The Berry pseudorotation is a classical mechanism for interchanging axial and equatorial ligands in molecules with trigonal bipyramidal geometry. Teaching this mechanism presents particular pedagogic problems due to both its dynamic and three dimensional character. The approach taken here illustrates these processes using interactive animations embedded in a Web page and overcomes many limitations of a printed page.
Computational Chemistry |
Molecular Properties / Structure |
Nonmetals |
Enantiomers |
NMR Spectroscopy |
Mechanisms of Reactions |
Molecular Mechanics / Dynamics