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Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Alkynes via the Alkylation of Sodium Acetylides. An Introduction to Synthetic Design for Organic Chemistry Students  Jennifer N. Shepherd and Jason R. Stenzel
Teams of students design a microscale synthesis of an unsymmetrical alkyne using commercially available terminal alkynes and alkyl halides and characterize the resulting products using TLC, IR, and 1H NMR spectroscopy. Depending on the chosen reactants, students observe both substitution and elimination products, or in some cases, no reaction at all.
Shepherd, Jennifer N.; Stenzel, Jason R. J. Chem. Educ. 2006, 83, 425.
Alkylation |
Alkynes |
Elimination Reactions |
IR Spectroscopy |
Microscale Lab |
NMR Spectroscopy |
Nucleophilic Substitution |
Was the Suspect in Contact with the Victim? An Instrumental Methods Experiment for the Analysis of Single Fibers Using FT-IR Microscopy  Sharin Bender and Sheri J. Lillard
Forensic analysis of fiber samples using FT-IR microscopy to sustain interest and motivation in an upper-level analytical laboratory.
Bender, Sharin; Lillard, Sheri J. J. Chem. Educ. 2003, 80, 437.
Instrumental Methods |
IR Spectroscopy |
Fourier Transform Techniques |
Applications of Chemistry |
Forensic Chemistry
IR MENTOR PRO 2.0  reviewed by John C. Cochran
IR Mentor Pro:2.0 appears to be the ultimate reference source for infrared spectroscopy of organic molecules. This on-line database contains more than six hundred IR band assignments arising from over two hundred functional groups.
Cochran, John C. J. Chem. Educ. 1997, 74, 764.
IR Spectroscopy |
Molecular Properties / Structure
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The Spectra of Molecules: Infrared  Ed Vitz, John W. Moore
A section of ChemPrime, the Chemical Educations Digital Library's free General Chemistry textbook.
IR Spectroscopy
3D NormalModes Shockwave; A Web Application for Interactive Visualization and Three Dimensional Perc  Nickolas D. Charistos, C. A. Tsipis, Michael P. Sigalas
3D Normal Modes is a Web application for interactive visualization and three-dimensional perception of the normal modes of molecular vibration, suitable for undergraduate students in chemistry. The application uses the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in and has been designed and developed especially for the Web. It has a simple graphical user interface and requires a download of only 120 KB, allowing it to be used even with low bandwidth Internet connections. Its performance is comparable to a desktop application.
IR Spectroscopy |
Raman Spectroscopy
The Effect of Anharmonicity on Diatomic Vibration; A Spreadsheet Simulation  William F. Coleman, Kieran F. Lim
Instructors and students can use this spreadsheet to quickly and easily observe how the shape of a one-dimensional vibrational potential energy curve and its associated vibrational quantum energy levels depend on the anharmonicity. This illustrates the connection between the harmonic (approximation) and anharmonic descriptions of molecular vibrations.
IR Spectroscopy |
Enrichment / Review Materials