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Kinetics : CatalystTrueFalse (7 Variations)
Check the box for each statement about catalysts that is true.
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Kinetics : CatalyticConverters (4 Variations)
The following table illustrates the changes in emissions requirements for automobiles:
Pollutant1970 Emissions1990 EmissionsCA ultra-low emissions
CxHy1.5 g/mile0.25 g/mile0.04 g/mile
CO15 g/mile3.4 g/mile1.7 g/mile
NOx3.1 g/mile0.4 g/mile0.2 g/mile
Catalytic converters are used in automobiles to convert pollutants in engine emissions to benign products. Catalytic converters in today's automobiles are made of a porous ceramic brick that has been coated with catalysts, additives, stabilizers, and support materials. Corning has developed bricks that have very thin-walled channels with 600 channels per square inch. Which of the following research goals did they target?

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Organic : CisTransPossible (20 Variations)
Which of the following molecules can have cis and trans isomers? (You may select more than one.)
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Organic : FindIdenticalIsomers (20 Variations)
Which of the following structural isomers for C6H14 are actually the same structure?
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Constitutional Isomers