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The Monosodium Glutamate Story: The Commercial Production of MSG and Other Amino Acids  Addison Ault
Examples of the industrial synthesis of pure amino acids are presented. The emphasis is on the synthesis of (S)-glutamic acid and, to a lesser extent, (S)-lysine and (R,S)-methionine. These amino acids account for about 90% of the total world production of amino acids.
Ault, Addison. J. Chem. Educ. 2004, 81, 347.
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Determination of the Enantiomeric Purity of Commercial L-[U-14C] Valine: An Experiment Utilizing Reversed-Phase Thin-Layer Chromatography and Liquid Scintillation Counting  Joseph W. LeFevre
The enantiomeric purity of commercial L-[U-14C]valine was determined. The process involved sequential dilution with nonradioactive DL-valine, N-dansylation using dansyl chloride, and resolution using reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography in the presence of b-cyclodextrin, a chiral mobile phase additive.
LeFevre, Joseph W. . J. Chem. Educ. 1998, 75, 1287.
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Microcomputer analyzed initial rate kinetics of the benzene enhanced unfolding of myoglobin: A biophysical chemistry experiment  Schuh, Merlyn D.
This paper descries an inexpensive biophysical chemistry experiment, designed to be completed in one lab period, that introduces students to the subject of globular protein conformation and microcomputer analysis of initial rate data for the unfolding of proteins appropriate for an upper-division physics or biochemistry lab.
Schuh, Merlyn D. J. Chem. Educ. 1988, 65, 740.
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Chemical modification of catalytically essential amino acid residues in enzymes  Roig, Manuel G.
Using ADH from horse liver as a working model on which to conduct a series of experiments concerning the chemical modification of proteins with the aim of familiarizing students in biochemistry with the chemical reactivity of amino acid residues and research into the nature of active sites in enzymes.
Roig, Manuel G. J. Chem. Educ. 1987, 64, 77.
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The metabolism of carbohydrates  
Traces the metabolism of carbohydrates and the flow of materials among the various resource pools in living systems.
J. Chem. Educ. 1979, 56, 534.
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Novel method for presenting the amino acids in an introductory biochemistry course  Kuehl, LeRoy
An approach to presenting amino acids is described and is assessed as quite effective in stimulating the students' interest in a topic which they usually find quite tedious.
Kuehl, LeRoy J. Chem. Educ. 1978, 55, 711.
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Non-covalent interactions: Key to biological flexibility and specificity  Frieden, Earl
Summarizes the types of non-covalent interactions found among biomolecules and how they facilitate the function of antibodies, hormones, and hemoglobin.
Frieden, Earl J. Chem. Educ. 1975, 52, 754.
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A new chemistry program for nursing and allied health students  Stanitski, Conrad L.; Sears, Curtis T., Jr.
Outlines and discusses the topics considered in a chemistry program for nursing and allied health students.
Stanitski, Conrad L.; Sears, Curtis T., Jr. J. Chem. Educ. 1975, 52, 226.
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Questions [and] Answers  Campbell, J. A.
Four questions requiring an application of chemistry principles and their answers.
Campbell, J. A. J. Chem. Educ. 1973, 50, 424.
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The structure of choleic acids  Herndon, William C.
This article reviews evidence for the inclusion compound structure of the choleic acids and their possible significance with respect to the transport of bile.
Herndon, William C. J. Chem. Educ. 1967, 44, 724.
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