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Biochemistry : HBondingDNA (9 Variations)
The structure and replication of DNA are strongly dependent on the hydrogen bonding system present in the double helix. How many functional groups in thymine can participate in hydrogen bonding? (This means all the groups, not just the ones that actually participate in hydrogen bonding in the double helix.)

Nucleic Acids / DNA / RNA
Biochemistry : Replication (8 Variations)
Which of the following is NOT a feature of replication?
Nucleic Acids / DNA / RNA
Biochemistry : ComplementaryDNA (20 Variations)
Determine the sequence of the complementary DNA strand for the following sequence. (Note: Complementary strands match up 5' ends to 3' ends.)

Nucleic Acids / DNA / RNA
Amino Acids (10 Variations)
A collection of 10 assessment questions about Amino Acids
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Aldehydes / Ketones
Biochemistry : EnzymesCan (12 Variations)
Which of the following is something that enzymes CANNOT do?
Biochemistry : Inhibitor (15 Variations)
Which of the following molecules would you expect to be the strongest competitive inhibitor of the enzyme whose substrate is shown?

alcohol dehydrogenase, substrate ethanol

Kinetics : Enzyme (7 Variations)
Trypsin assists in digestion by breaking proteins down into smaller peptides. However, this process is not as efficient in the presence of fluorophosphates. Identify the role of each of these components.
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