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Biochemistry : Secondary (15 Variations)
What secondary structure element is represented by the green sequence in the following structure of the protein calmodulin?

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Biochemistry : NameTripeptide (4 Variations)
What is the name of the tripeptide below?

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Biochemistry : PeptideSequence (19 Variations)
Use the amino acid table below to answer the following question.

Which of the following structures corresponds to the peptide Met-Thr-Arg (methionylthreonylarginine)?

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Biochemistry : PeptideStructure (3 Variations)
All amino acids have which pair of functional groups?
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Biochemistry : StructureDef (4 Variations)
What kind of structure is defined by the linear sequence of amino acids in the protein chain?
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Biochemistry : Tertiary (16 Variations)
Which of the following is NOT true about the tertiary structure of water-soluble proteins?
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Amino Acids (10 Variations)
A collection of 10 assessment questions about Amino Acids
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