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Orbital Descriptions of Multiple Bonds  Ed Vitz, John W. Moore
A section of ChemPrime, the Chemical Educations Digital Library's free General Chemistry textbook.
Mechanisms That Interchange Axial and Equatorial Atoms in Fluxional Processes  Marion E. Cass, Henry S. Rzepa, King Kuok Hii
The Berry pseudorotation is a classical mechanism for interchanging axial and equatorial ligands in molecules with trigonal bipyramidal geometry. Teaching this mechanism presents particular pedagogic problems due to both its dynamic and three dimensional character. The approach taken here illustrates these processes using interactive animations embedded in a Web page and overcomes many limitations of a printed page.
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Mage; A Tool for Developing Interactive Instructional Graphics  Stephen F. Pavkovic
Mage is a graphics program especially well suited for visualizing three-dimensional structures of proteins and other macromolecules. It is an important tool for biochemists and finds many applications in biochemistry courses. We utilize Mage to create interactive instructional graphics of potential use in a wider range of undergraduate chemistry courses, and present some of those applications here.
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