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Properties of Gases  
Some properties of gases are demonstrated, including the powerful force of atmospheric pressure and aspects of phase changes.
Gases |
Physical Properties
Electrical Properties  
Use of the conductivity meter and techniques for measuring voltage of electrochemical cells are demonstrated.
Conductivity |
Laboratory Equipment / Apparatus |
Electrolytic / Galvanic Cells / Potentials
Chemical Properties of Sulfur Dioxide  
Reactions involving sulfur dioxide.
Gases |
Reactions |
Oxidation / Reduction
Reactions and demonstrations exploring the properties of solids and liquids.
Solids |
Light and Electrons  
Some wave-like and particle-like properties of light and some wave-like and particle-like properties of electrons are shown.
Quantum Chemistry
The paramagnetic properties of oxygen are demonstrated using a strong magnet, and compared with diamagnetic nitrogen.
Magnetic Properties |
Molecular Properties / Structure
Wave Diffraction, Interference, and Scattering  
Diffraction, interference and scattering - properties common to all wave phenomena - are demonstrated with waves in a ripple tank.
Quantum Chemistry
Measurement of electrical properties, mass, pH, pressure, volume, and temperature are demonstrated along with examples of recording data, spectroscopy, and titration.
Laboratory Equipment / Apparatus |
Quantitative Analysis
Light as a Particle: Photoelectric Effect  
The discovery of the temperature dependence of the spectrum of an incandescent light source and the discovery of the photoelectric effect led to the characterization of the particle-like properties of light. Here we demonstrate these two phenomena.
Quantum Chemistry