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Intermolecular_Forces__Liquids_and_Solids : Superconductors (4 Variations)
Which of the following statements is NOT an accurate description of superconducting materials?
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Reactions : MetalActivitySeries (10 Variations)
Predict whether the following reaction will occur in aqueous solution.

Zn(ClO3)2(aq) + Ni(s)

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Electrochemistry : SacrificialAnode (10 Variations)
The following electrochemical data may be helpful in answering the question below.

One method for protecting metals against corrosion is to connect the metal directly to a "sacrificial anode". This is the method used to protect pipelines and ships hulls. Which of the following metals would you consider the best candidate for a sacrificial anode for a ship's hull? The hull is steel (which is mostly iron).

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Intermolecular_Forces__Liquids_and_Solids : ElectricalConductivity (8 Variations)
Which of the following has the greatest electrical conductivity?
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Physical Properties