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Organic : AlkaneIsomers (8 Variations)
Pentane has several isomers. Which of the following condensed formulas is NOT an isomer of pentane?
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Constitutional Isomers
Organic : AlkaneNomenclature (10 Variations)
What is the correct name for the following compound:

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Nomenclature / Units / Symbols
Organic : FindIdenticalIsomers (20 Variations)
Which of the following structural isomers for C6H14 are actually the same structure?
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Alkenes |
Constitutional Isomers
Organic : HsOnAlkaneBackbone (10 Variations)

The carbon skeleton for 2-methylbutane is shown below. How many hydrogens are present?

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Molecular Properties / Structure
Organic : IDChiralAtoms (20 Variations)
Identify the chiral carbon atom(s), if any, in the following structure. The carbon atoms have been numbered for easier identification.

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Chirality / Optical Activity