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Ozone: Absorbance of UV Light  
Ozone is produced. Exposure to a shortwave ultraviolet source causes the ozone to cast a shadow against a fluorescent yellow background.
Atmospheric Chemistry |
Atmospheric Pollution  
The formation and effects of acid rain and other pollutants are simulated.
Atmospheric Chemistry |
Topics associated with the atmosphere include atmospheric pressure, pollution and the role of ozone.
Gases |
Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric Pressure  
Atmospheric pressure is used to collapse large and small metal containers.
Phases / Phase Transitions / Diagrams |
Gases |
Atmospheric Chemistry
Hydrogen + Chlorine Cannon  
When a corked test tube containing a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine is struck by light from a burning magnesium ribbon, the resulting explosion propels the cork out of the test tube.
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Photochemistry |