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LIMSport: Spreadsheet laboratory information management system for general chemistry  Vitz, Ed
141. Description of LIMSport, software that incorporates customized spreadsheets to accept and analyze data drawn from interfaced transducers.
Vitz, Ed J. Chem. Educ. 1992, 69, 744.
Laboratory Computing / Interfacing |
Laboratory Management
Magic sand: Modeling the hydrophobic effect and reversed-phase liquid chromatography  Vitz, Ed
The procedures described here are meant to reveal the important "nonsolvent" properties of water through its interaction with Magic Sand, and other synthetic silica derivatives.
Vitz, Ed J. Chem. Educ. 1990, 67, 512.
Chromatography |
Water / Water Chemistry
Le Châtelier's principle, temperature effects, and entropy  Campbell, J. Arthur
A useful extension of Le Chatelier's Principle to predict concentration, pressure, and temperature effects solely from the equation for the net reaction.
Campbell, J. Arthur J. Chem. Educ. 1985, 62, 231.
Equilibrium |
Physical and chemical properties and bonding of metallic elements  Myers, R. Thomas
137. Common textbook errors concerning the physical and chemical properties, conductivity and bonding of metals.
Myers, R. Thomas J. Chem. Educ. 1979, 56, 712.
Physical Properties |
Metallic Bonding |
Metals |
Covalent Bonding
Minimizing the free energy: a computer method for teaching chemical equilibrium concepts  Heald, Emerson F.
This paper presents an alternative method to the standard treatment of equilibrium which uses material balance conditions and the minimization of the free energy. Both concepts are often omitted or glossed over in introductory treatments of equilibrium.
Heald, Emerson F. J. Chem. Educ. 1978, 55, 641.