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Reactions: Alkali Metals with Other Elements  
Alkali Metals are shown reacting with various elements.
Oxidation / Reduction |
Reactions |
Descriptive Chemistry
Reaction: Potassium with Water  
Demonstrations of potassium reacting in water.
Descriptive Chemistry |
Water / Water Chemistry
Reactions with Potassium  
Reactions involving potassium are demonstrated.
Oxidation / Reduction |
Reactions |
Descriptive Chemistry
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Potassium Metal Is Explosive—Do Not Use It!  Andreas Grubelnik, Veronika R. Meyer, Peter Bützer, and Urban W. Schönenberger
The reaction of sodium with water is a spectacular and essential classroom demonstration. Many teachers want to show also the more violent reaction of potassium. We propose not to do so because explosions can happen even before the metal is in contact with water.
Grubelnik, Andreas; Meyer, Veronika R.; Bützer, Peter; Schönenberger, Urban W. J. Chem. Educ. 2008, 85, 634.
A New Colorimetric Assay of Tabletop Sweeteners Using a Modified Biuret Reagent  Christopher J. Fenk, Nathan Kaufman, and Donald G. Gerbig, Jr.
Presents a new, fast and effective colorimetric analysis of aspartame that incorporates a less caustic biuret reagent and visible spectroscopic analysis for selective detection in aqueous solutions using readily available instrumentation.
Fenk, Christopher J.; Kaufman, Nathan; Gerbig, Donald G., Jr. J. Chem. Educ. 2007, 84, 1676.
Consumer Chemistry |
Coordination Compounds |
Crystal Field / Ligand Field Theory |
Food Science |
Qualitative Analysis |
Quantitative Analysis |
UV-Vis Spectroscopy |
Amino Acids
Primo Levi and The Periodic Table: Teaching Chemistry Using a Literary Text  Viktoria Klara Lakatos Osorio, Peter Wilhelm Tiedemann, and Paulo Alves Porto
Describes the use of a problem-solving activity with first-year undergraduate students based on an excerpt from Primo Levi's book The Periodic Table.
Osorio, Viktoria Klara Lakatos; Tiedemann, Peter Wilhelm; Porto, Paulo Alves. J. Chem. Educ. 2007, 84, 775.
Metals |
Periodicity / Periodic Table |
Reactions |
Student-Centered Learning
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Group IA: Alkali Metals  Ed Vitz, John W. Moore
A section of ChemPrime, the Chemical Educations Digital Library's free General Chemistry textbook.
Descriptive Chemistry |
Periodicity / Periodic Table
The Sodium Family  
Volume 03, issue 20 of a series of leaflets covering subjects of interest to students of elementary chemistry distributed in 1929 - 1932.
Descriptive Chemistry
Sodium and Its Relatives  
Volume 04, issue 19 of a series of leaflets covering subjects of interest to students of elementary chemistry distributed in 1929 - 1932.
Descriptive Chemistry