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Intermolecular_Forces__Liquids_and_Solids : LatticeEnergyMelting (8 Variations)
Which of these substances has the highest melting point?
Ionic Bonding |
Covalent Bonding
Bonding : IonicOrCovalent (10 Variations)
Match the following formulas to the correct type of bonding: ionic or covalent.
Molecular Properties / Structure |
Covalent Bonding |
Ionic Bonding
Intermolecular_Forces__Liquids_and_Solids : AtomRadiusUnitCell (7 Variations)
Nickel has a unit cell that is face-centered cubic with a volume of 43.763Å3. The atom at the center of each face just touches the atoms at the corners. What is the atomic radius of nickel?
Solids |
Crystals / Crystallography
Intermolecular_Forces__Liquids_and_Solids : DensityFromUnitCell (13 Variations)
Oldhamite (CaS) has a rock salt structure like NaCl (which has interpenetrating face-centered cubic structures). The ionic radius of Ca2+ is 0.99 angstroms, and the ionic radius of S2- is 1.84 angstroms. What is the density of CaS?
Solids |
Crystals / Crystallography