Mark David Ellison
Construction of the Electronic Angular Wave Functions and Probability Distributions of the Hydrogen Atom JCE
Mark David Ellison, Wittenberg University
Thomas S Kuntzelman, Spring Arbor University
John Tippin, Spring Arbor University
A Mathcad template that provides guided inquiry practice with angular functions used as parts of the solutions to the Hydrogen atom Schrodinger equation.
Femtochemistry JCE
Mark David Ellison, Wittenberg University
Students explore a simple solution to the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in the context of understanding femtochemistryl. After a review of the time-independent harmonic oscillator model studentsstudy the process of exciting molecules with an ultrafast laser pulse and in a superposition that has time-dependent behavior.
Orbital Graphing JCE
Mark David Ellison, Wittenberg University
This document provides three-dimensional graphs of the angular parts of hydrogen-like atomic orbitals. Linear combinations of orbitals result in the familiar px and py orbitals. The process is repeated for some of the d orbitals. The second part of the document shows linear combinations of s and p orbitals to construct hybrid sp, sp2, and sp3 orbitals.
Potential Barriers and Tunneling JCE
Mark David Ellison, Wittenberg University
A document to provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the behavior of particles in the presence of finite barriers. Color enhancement of the wave function and probability density plots clearly delineate the different regions and makes clear what has happened.Also Scanning Tunneling Microscopy is examined followed by applications of the tunneling concept to chemical reactions.
sp3dn Orbital Hybrids and Molecular Geometry JCE
Mark David Ellison, Wittenberg University
A Mathcad document that gives students the opportunity to explore hybrid orbitals that give rise to octahedral, trigonal bipyramidal, square planar, and square pyramidal shapes. LCAO is use to generate the hybrid shapes.