Introduction to Matrices: A Tutorial for Physical Chemists©
Melissa S. Reeves
Department of Chemistry
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL 36088
United States
mail to: MREEVES@Acd.Tusk.Edu

In this document the author provides a series of lessons and exercises through which students can learn some fundamental concepts about matrices and practice elementary matrix algebra. The author goes on to show how matrices can be used for representing the structure of a molecule in terms of the Cartesian coordinates. Symmetry operations on coordinates of molecules can be represented by matrix algebra. CH4 is the molecule used to illustrate a rotation matrix operation on the coordinate matrix to yield a new view of the molecule. This document would serve as an introduction to matrices and how they are used in physical chemistry. It would also be useful as a document for learning to use Mathcad. Development of this document was made possible by the NSF-supported 1997 "Workshop for Integration of Numerical Methods into the Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Curriculum Using the Mathcad Software" at the University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama. See also An Introduction to Mathcad.
Audiences: Upper-Division Undergraduate
Pedagogies: Computer-Based Learning
Domains: Physical Chemistry
Topics: Chemometrics, Mathematics / Symbolic Mathematics
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