Relating Qualitative Analysis to Equilibrium Principles©
Glenn V. Lo
Nicholls State University
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Qualitative Analysis in the General Chemistry laboratory provides an excellent opportunity to help students make connections between ionic equilibrium topics covered in the lecture course and physical reality. Although laboratory manuals generally provide ample discussion of the equilibrium principles upon which the procedures are based, students' attention tends to be focused mostly on techniques, the reactions involved and physical observations. A lack of understanding of the underlying principles often results in students being unable to make simple modifications to the procedure. This Mathcad document is intended to be used in a pre-lab activity for Qualitative Analysis experiments (based on modules ANAL364-366 of the Modular Laboratory Program in Chemistry, Palmyra, PA 17078] which are done towards the end of the General Chemistry laboratory course at Nicholls State University. Mathcad is introduced at the beginning of the course and is routinely used throughout the semester for data analysis. Students are, therefore, quite competent in Mathcad by the time this activity is conducted. Students are given an incomplete Mathcad document (qualjce61.mcd) which they complete as they explore the subject. An exemplary, completed document is available for instructors (qualjce6a1.mcd).
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Audiences: First-Year Undergraduate / General
Pedagogies: Computer-Based Learning
Domains: Analytical Chemistry, Laboratory Instruction
Topics: Equilibrium, Mathematics / Symbolic Mathematics, Precipitation / Solubility, Qualitative Analysis
File NameDescriptionSoftware TypeSoftware Version
qualjce61.pdf Read-Only Document. Mathcad 6.0. Incomplete student version.
qualjce6a1.pdf Read-Only Document. Mathcad 6.0. Completed instructor version
qual6.mcd JCE Student woorksheet. Mathcad 6 Mathcad 6
qual6a.mcd JCE Completed instructor worksheet. Mathcad 6 Mathcad 6
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