Following the Extent of a Chemical Reaction with the Help of Maple©
Baudilio Coto
Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology
ESCET, Rey Juan Carlos University
C/ Tulipan
Móstoles ( Madrid ) 28933
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Immaculada Suárez
Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology
ESCET, Rey Juan Carlos University
Móstoles ( Madrid ) 28933

The use of Maple allows a numerical and graphical procedure to display values of thermodynamic magnitudes along the progress of a chemical reaction. Such magnitudes are related with the spontaneity of the system composition change and, when they are studied for intermediate mixtures, they allow one to understand whether reaction proceeds further and the meaning of the equilibrium composition finally reached. The advantages of using Maple are both to find the numerical solution of equations and to represent graphically functions against the extent of reaction. Details about calculation procedure, mainly those related with Maple formulation of thermodynamic equations, ate included. This document is focused on the ammonia production reaction. In the first example, the equilibrium composition is calculated and the meaning of the change in the values of G, ΔrxG and QP is analyzed through plots of these thermodynamic quantities as a function of the extent of reaction. In the second example, the effect of pressure and temperature is shown through the change in the plot of G vs. ξ ( the extent of the reaction) which can be related to the values of ξ at equilibrium under the different conditions .
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Audiences: Upper-Division Undergraduate
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Suárez, I.; Coto, B. J. Chem. Educ. 2006, 83, 1726
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