A Chemical Kinetics Application of Mathcad©
Alvin F. Bopp
Chemistry Department
Southern University at New Orleans
6400 Press Dr.
New Orleans, LA 70126
United States
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With these documents students have the opportunity to study a three step set of irreversible reactions using an interactive goal directed approach. Background information is given in the Write_up.pdf file; computations are done in the Kin_prj.mcd document. The goal of the project is to optimize a product for sale while minimizing the waste product and amount of starting materials used. The cost associated with each chemical in the process permits students to use manipulations of various input parameters, including time, in order to get a maximum profit. Poorly adjusted parameters result in a net financial loss. This approach to chemical kinetics gives students some appreciation of the factors that control industrial chemical production. Use of these documents would promote discussion of related topics relevant to the chemical industry and chemical production. Development of this document was made possible by the NSF supported 1997 "Workshop for Integration of Numerical Methods into the Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Curriculum Using the Mathcad Software" at the University of South Alabama, Mobile Alabama.
Audiences: Upper-Division Undergraduate
Pedagogies: Computer-Based Learning
Domains: Physical Chemistry
Topics: Kinetics, Mathematics / Symbolic Mathematics, Mechanisms of Reactions
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Kin_prj.pdf Read only text of the Mathcad file.
write_up.PDF Instructions and Notes
Kin_prj.MCD Mathcad Computational Document Mathcad
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