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(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (9))
Reactions and demonstrations exploring the concepts of solutions.
Viscosity of Liquids   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (8))
Various experiments determining the viscosity of liquids.
Effusion of Gases   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (8))
Effusion of various gases are compared.
Resonance Boxes   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (7))
Conditions for energy transfer between resonance boxes are discussed.
Sound Waves   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (3))
Wave concepts such as standing waves, resonance and interference can be demonstrated using sound waves.
Solutions : ReverseOsmosis (20 Variations)   
(Assessment Material (1))
You are given a water sample that contains ammonium chloride (NH4Cl). You determine the concentration of the salt to be 0.500 M and decide to purify the water using reverse osmosis. What is the minimum pressure that must be applied at 30.0oC to force the water through the membrane?
Plants-ACS Science for Kids   
(Activity, Instructional Material (8))
ACS Science for Kids activities exploring the properties and chemistry of plants.
(Activity, Instructional Material (7))
ACS Science for Kids activities explore the aspects of recording scientific data and presenting that data in useful graphs.