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Boiling Points of Hexane Isomers   
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The boiling points of the five isomers of hexane are determined.
Relation of Structure to Boiling Point of Alkanes   
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The boiling point of straight-chain alkanes and isomers of hexane are determined and molecular models of the hydrocarbons are shown.
Organic : FindIdenticalIsomers (20 Variations)   
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Which of the following structural isomers for C6H14 are actually the same structure?
Organic : AlkaneIsomers (8 Variations)   
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Pentane has several isomers. Which of the following condensed formulas is NOT an isomer of pentane?
Organic : Isomers (11 Variations)   
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Which of the following molecules are isomers?

(Make sure you can see all of all three structures.)

ChemPaths 104 F Jan 21   
Today in Chem 104: * Lecture: Organic Structures; Isomers * Reading: Kotz Ch. 10, Sec. 1-2; Appendix E (pp. A-17-20) Moore Ch. 3: Sec. 3-4; Ch. 8: Sec. 3, 5; App E (pp. A.26-A.30) * Practice Quiz and Homework #1 are due by 11:55 pm M Jan 24.