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(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (9))
Reactions and demonstrations exploring the concepts of solutions.
Electrical Conductivity-Solids   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (8))
The conductivity of various solids are tested.
Electrical Conductivity-Solutions   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (6))
Solutions are measured for conductivity.
Electrical Conductivity-Liquids   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (6))
The conductivity of liquids are tested.
Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (5))
Demonstrations exploring oxidation/reduction chemistry.
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (4))
Various examples of electrolysis are presented.
Conductivity Meter   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (4))
The use of a conductivity meter is demonstrated.
Conductimetric Titration   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (2))
Aqueous sulfuric acid and barium hydroxide both conduct electricity; distilled water does not. As barium hydroxide solution is added to sulfuric acid, conductivity decreases until it reaches zero at the equivalence point. As excess barium hydroxide is added, the conductivity gradually increases.
Electrical Properties   
(Movie/Animation, Audio/Visual (2))
Use of the conductivity meter and techniques for measuring voltage of electrochemical cells are demonstrated.