Equilibrium : CalcRxnQuotient (13 Variations)

In an experiment, 4.44 mol of SO2, 7.93 mol of O2 and 4.03 mol of SO3 are placed in a 2.0L reaction vessel at a certain temperature. Calculate the reaction quotient, Q, for the reaction as written:

What is the calculated reaction quotient, Q? {2:NUMERICAL:=2.1e-1:1e-2#Correct! ~%50%2.1e-1:5e-2#Close but not quite right}

If Kc for this reaction at the temperature of the experiment is 3.7 x 103, will the reaction move toward the left or toward the right? {1:MULTICHOICE:left#Sorry, that's wrong.~=right#Correct!}

Equilibrium : CalcRxnQuotient   
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