Calorimeter, Coffee Cup (ChemPages Lab)

Calorimeter, Coffee Cup: this is a resource in the collection "ChemPages Laboratory Resources". A coffee cup calorimeter is a useful, simple device that can be used to measure the temperature change that accompanies a reaction. A Styrofoam cup is used because it is a good insulator. The cup will absorb (or supply) negligible amounts of heat during most General Chemistry experiments. Thus, any change in temperature is assumed to be due only to the reaction, and the heat transferred in the reaction may be calculated. The ChemPages Laboratory Resources are a set of web pages that include text, images, video, and self check questions. The topics included are those that are commonly encountered in the first-year chemistry laboratory. They have been put together for use as both a pre-laboratory preparation tool and an in-laboratory reference source.
Calorimeter, Coffee Cup (ChemPages Lab)   
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