Chromatography, Gas (ChemPages Lab)

Chromatography, Gas: this is a resource in the collection "ChemPages Laboratory Resources". Gas chromatography is a method for separating the components of a solution and measuring their relative quantities. It is a useful technique for chemicals that do not decompose at high temperatures and when a very small quantity of sample (micrograms) is available. The use of gas chromatography is limited by the decomposition temperature of the components of the mixture and the composition of the column. Most columns cannot withstand temperatures greater than 250-350 °C. The ChemPages Laboratory Resources are a set of web pages that include text, images, video, and self check questions. The topics included are those that are commonly encountered in the first-year chemistry laboratory. They have been put together for use as both a pre-laboratory preparation tool and an in-laboratory reference source.
Chromatography, Gas (ChemPages Lab)   
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