How do I learn about ChemEd DL Workshops and sign up to attend one?

The ChemEd DL hosts workshops and presentations throughout the year at a variety of meetings including ACS Regional Meetings, NSTA Regional Meetings, 2YC3 Regional Meetings, the BCCE and ChemEd summer conferences, and state science teacher meetings. The ChemEd DL also presents online webinars. For a schedule of our upcoming events visit the ChemEd Courses calendar. You can export the ChemEd DL calendar as an .ics file if you want to add the events to your own calendar. Although each meeting will have its own process for registering,we’ll provide as much information as we can for each event.

You can also enroll in our Introduction to ChemEd DL Course to learn more about ChemEd DL resources as well as join the news forum or start a discussion with other ChemEd DL users about how you use resources.