Using Windows 7 and Having Trouble with QuickTime Videos?

Quicktime ErrorWhen you try to view a QuickTime video and you see the question mark graphic, you will need to update your QuickTime plug-in settings.  First, go to the Windows 7 control panel. 

To do so, click on the 'Start' menu (the Windows logo usually located at the lower left corner of your screen) and choose 'Control Panel'.

When you bring up the 'Control Panel', it may be set to 'View by: Category'.  If this is the case, click on 'Category' and choose 'Small icons' instead. 

On the list that is now displayed, choose 'QuickTime'.

This is how you edit the QuickTime plug-in settings. In this 'QuickTime Preferences' window, you will see a number of tabs (register, audio, browser, update, streaming, advanced).  Click the 'Advanced' tab. On this page you should see a section titled "video".  Likely, the plug-in is set to use DirectX (with the three sub-settings checked).  To fix QuickTime in Windows 7, change this video setting to use 'Safe mode (GDI only)'.

Quicktime Preferences   Zoom in of QT Prefs.

After choosing Safe mode, be sure to click "Apply".

Apply Button

Then you will need to exit the QuickTime Preferences window (click OK).  Then you should continue by clearing your browser's cache (in Firefox, Tools > Clear Recent History). Then restart your browser. Make sure you completely restart:  if you have more than one window open you need to close them all.  Any other questions, please contact us.