How do I create a course in ChemEd Courses and enable my students to use it?

You can create a new course in the ChemEd Moodle Courses page.

ChemEd DL invites interested parties to join in developing online learning materials for chemistry. We welcome those who wish to develop new content as well as those who already have Moodle content that they wish to share with the community. In order to become a ChemEd Courses content creator or course developer, you first need to create an account with ChemEd Courses. Once you have created your account, contact the ChemEd Courses administrator to have your account set as a teacher.

In return for your willingness to share your chemistry experience through ChemEd Courses, we offer you access to several Journal of Chemical Education resources and encourage you to use those resources in your content/course development. Among those resources we make available to you are:

The best way to find JCE resources such as these and incorporate them into your Moodle online course is to use TIGER. There you can choose a topic from a chemistry textbook and find all resources related to that topic. With each resource comes information about linking it into your Moodle course.

In addition to these JCE materials, you can receive permission to use other JCE resources as you require. Please contact the ChemEd Courses administrator to arrange for such permission and access.